We offer a turn-key solution for all your project requirements, beginning with a great design service.

• We offer a turn-key solution for your project, beginning with a great design service

Our team of in-house designers offers unique creative concepts, through to detailed plans, council submissions, and 3D realistic walk-throughs.

• We have been in this industry for many years

The design team is knowledgeable about regulations, spatial planning and creative ways to save money on the build whilst creating an exceptional restaurant, commercial or retail space.

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• Once you have provided us with a list of what you would like to see in the space

Your information will be interpreted in the form of specifications, plans, elevations and service drawings.

• The design process is made up of a series of stages which need to be signed off progressively

This will ensure that no major changes need to take place once the final drawings are completed.

• We know the process inside-out. Let us handle your Building Consent

A building consent is Council’s written authority to carry out building work that it considers will comply with the Building Code, provided it is completed in accordance with the plans and specifications submitted with the building consent application. It cannot be retrospectively for work already completed.

• We will get your building consent sorted effectively and efficiently

Left in the wrong hands, it can be difficult to get your building consent arranged, monitored and approved quickly. The knowledge and experience the Alba team have will help your project, taking the stress out of it.

Already have plans? No problem!

Alba will happy to work alongside your chosen designer, or you supply your approved plans and the team will provide a competitive project quotation.

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