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A well-designed commercial kitchen is essential to running an efficient, safe and profitable food premise.

Expert commercial kitchen design and commercial kitchen fitout in Auckland for cafés, bars and restaurants. We have an experienced in-house team of commercial kitchen designers who will optimise the kitchen layout and ergonomics for the benefit of the owner, the chef, and kitchen workers. Carefully considered planning in the design of a commercial kitchen will save money and time during the construction phase and increase profitability over the life of the kitchen. Working within your budget, we can help source equipment and complete the kitchen fitout in a timely cost-effective manner.

The longer it takes, the less you make

And this is why Alba Interiors put a huge emphasis on getting in and out of your job as quickly as possible, without compromising quality. We work in with your project, business and opening schedule to ensure there are no major delays. We have developed great procedures to help us meet your timeframe and we will always work within schedule that you and your staff need.

With 16 years experience in commercial kitchen and restaurant construction, we can take care of your project

Gordon and his designers work as a team and will chat with you through effective layouts for your commercial kitchen and restaurant. Together they have a wide range of experience in commercial kitchen designs, large or small. From custom cabinetry to specialist kitchen equipment, stainless steel wall linings to coved safety vinyl flooring. Gordon and his team can look after all your requirements to ensure a successful build project and a fantastic premise for punters.

Get creative with our team, to set-up your dream kitchen to operate a smooth smart effective operation

Throughout our work history we have worked with a wide range of companies including Southern Hospitality, Wildfare, Choice Catering, Burns & Ferral and understand what is involved in pulling together all the right trades and equipment for a commercial kitchen fit-out. Rest assured that we can take care of your entire project, providing that one-stop-shop.

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